30 L Mini Oven Hot Plate

For maximum convenience and affordability, the Defy 30L Mini Oven really delivers. Despite the compact nature of this kitchen appliance, you’re able to grill, bake, toast or sauté a wide selection of delicious meals using the two solid plate tops and 1500W oven. The Defy range always comes with a number of exciting features, and the mini oven is no different! There’s an attractive stainless-steel door handle trim, a useful 60-minute time with an alarm, as well as three accessories in the form of a baking tray, wire rack and tray handle. This is a great countertop addition to any kitchen, and can be easily moved for those who don’t stay in one spot for too long.

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30 L oven capacity
2 hotplates
Oven 1500W
1000W – left hotplate
750W – right hotplate
Grill, bake & toast function
Top & bottom heating element
Black housing cavity
Stainless steel door handle trim
Variable temperature control
60min timer with bell ring
Oven and hotplates can work simultaneously
3 control knobs
1 x Bake tray
1 x Wire rack
1 x Tray Handle


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