614lt Naturelight Side-by-Side

The Defy 463 Naturelight Side-by-Side fridge technology uses three effective colours of light (blue, green and red) that mimic the natural 24-hour sun cycle.

The name ‘Naturelight’ is inspired by nature, and how vegetables react naturally, in a quest to help consumers live healthier lifestyles.

The Defy 463 Naturelight helps to eliminate the amount of unused fruits and vegetables and maintain a strong nutritional value by preserving vitamins for longer.

Periodic and homogenous application of the optimum combination of blue, green, and red lights and darkness, simulates the daylight cycle in the crisper. This is beneficial in helping to preserve vitamin content in fruits and vegetables for longer with simulating best spectrum in natural daylight cycle, just like in the field. Defy, South Africa’s number one appliance brand.

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Naturelight Technology
A+ Energy Rated
NeoCool™ Dual Cooling Technology
Superior Frost Free
4 Star Freezer
Net Volume: 614lt
Fridge Net Volume: 365lt
Freezer Net Volume: 249lt
Zero Degree Compartment
Sleek Integrated Handle
Water Dispenser
Odour Filter
LED Illumination
Fast Freeze / Quick cool
Vacation Mode (Energy Saving)
Inox Stainless Steel Finish
Unpacked Dimensions (H x W x D): 1785 x 1000 x 700


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