8kg Semi Automatic Twin Tub

This Defy 800 White Twin Tub Washing Machine uses a paddled pulsator to mix water and detergent together to wash your clothes in the most effective way. Its polypropylene wash & spin tub will treat your clothes with care, ensuring nothing is damaged during a cycle – even your delicates. As its name implies, a twin tub washing machine uses two tubs to clean your clothes – the first tub washes your clothes and transfers them to the second tub, which is used for spinning them. An advantage of a twin tub washing machine is that they generally use less water than normal washing machines, which is great for helping save on costs and water supply in South Africa.

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Solid lid
8KG washing capacity
60L per cycle
Advanced paddled pulsator
Adjustable water level indicator
2 wash options
Wash & spin timers
Polypropylene wash & spin tubs
Drain pump
Lint & drain filters
Dimensions (H x W x D) 991 x 819 x 482 mm 2-year guarantee


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