Air Cooler 6030

Beat the heat this summer with this cost-effective cooling unit. Using innovative technology, the Mac 6030W Defy Air Cooler substantially lowers the temperature of the interior. Unlike with traditional air-conditioners, the Defy Air Cooler blows a stream of air through ice and cold water, releasing infinitely cooler air into the room, without any sound. Because the product doesn’t use any refrigerant or artificial means to reduce temperatures, it is an incredibly eco-friendly and affordable alternative. In addition to the cooling benefits, the Mac 6030W Defy Air Cooler also enhances the quality of the air and humidifies the room, making it the health-conscious option as well. Stay cool and fresh during the warm months with this naturally efficient household appliance.

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64 dB(A) noise level
15hrs delay timer
3 speeds
3 modes:
3 in 1 multiple functions:
cooling fan+ humidifier+ Clean air
Large LED display
Remote control
8L water tank
Touch Screen
Wide angle oscillation
Removable wheels
Built in Ionizer
2pcs Ice boxes


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