Panini Press

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Bring the joy of Italian cuisine into your home with the Defy 2000W Stainless Steel Panini Press. This sleek, sophisticated kitchen appliance is able to distribute heat evenly across the entire plate, ensuring perfection with every bite. This is a great addition to any hungry home as the panini press is spacious enough to prepare two or more paninis simultaneously, providing a compact yet sumptuous meal in a matter of minutes. Not only is it easy to use and store, the Defy 2000W Stainless Steel Panini Press has an innovative floating hinge system, which adjusts to the thickness of the panini. This means you can stack as much goodness in the panini without worrying about overloading. And, when it comes to cleaning, the non-stick coating will make things so much easier for you – just a simple wipe and you’re done!


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