Portable Air conditioner 9000BTU-H

With the warmer months approaching, there’s no need to feel the heat this summer. Cool things down with the 9 000 BTU Defy Portable Air Conditioner which is easily transported around the home, so you’re never uncomfortable no matter where you are. Despite the air-conditioning power, the Defy Portable Air Conditioner is lightweight enough for you – and you alone – to install, uninstall and move it about as you see fit, without any assistance. Using the window kit, you’re able to set up this cooling unit without any help from specialist installers. Adjust the interior climate and don’t sweat the small stuff with this incredible portable air-conditioning unit.

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Heat Pump
B Energy Rating
Refrigerant R410A
Total Refrigerant 350g
Remote Control
Digital Display LED
Auto Restart Function
Dehumidifying Function
Automatic Temperature Control
Sleep Mode
Delay Timer Function (24 hrs)
Defrost Function
Variable Fan Speed (High/Low)
55 (dBA) Noise Level


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