89L Gemini Petit Chef Multifunction Oven DBO475

Stylish design, sophisticated technology and user-friendly practicality combine in the Defy 89L Petit Chef Gemini Oven to create the perfect kitchen addition. No matter what your cooking style, the incredible Thermofan+ technology of this Defy appliance will ensure consistent heat distribution through a redesigned fan and improved venting system. This means that any dish prepared in the multifunction oven, from Sunday roasts through to layered cakes, will emerge cooked to perfection. When it comes to aesthetics, the oven comes with chromed shelves, an aluminium handle and cool touch double glass doors. Defy also takes the hassle away from cleaning with the enamel oven interior requiring a simple wipe down!

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Multifunction oven system
Feast Master: Gross Volume: 92L & Net Volume: 89L
Touch control timer
Aluminium handle
White LED display
Chromed shelves and removable shelf rails
Push-In Pop-Out (PIPO) knobs
Temperature range 70ºC to 230ºC
Can be used as warmer compartment
Easy-clean enamel oven interior
Cool touch double glass door
Roast pan and bake trays included
Closed door grilling
Round lamp illumination
Cool touch oven door
Pull-down double-glass door
Removable door inner glass
Invisa – Bake
Built-in eye level oven to match any Defy hob with CP
Mirror Glass
Dimensions (H x W x D): 675 x 730 x 550 mm
Multifunction thermofan oven:
Thermofan bake
Fan-assisted static bake
Static bake
Static grill
Turbo grill


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